Thursday, April 1, 2010

coney island

She lives! with the traffic flow (or the lack thereof) the way it's been for the past month, I should change the name of this blog to "Every Nine Days (or so) in Brooklyn." sheesh. but tonight, finally, I got home while it was still light enough to get the dog and get somewhere. and we chose to take a stroll on the Coney Island boardwalk. Til now, I've only seen it in its depressed winter state. But tonight there were rides open and running, and a couple open food concessions. I got a slice...Caleb was admired by the woman even asked if it was alright to have her picture taken with him. He loves the attention. But more than that, he loved the Boardwalk! Or, I should say, all the FOOD dropped on the boardwalk! He was like a little canine bulldozer, walking along, nose to wood...snuffling up anything in his path - pizza crusts, matzohs, funnel cake remains. He thinks Coney Island is The Greatest Place on Earth!

Anyway...standing out on the Steeplechase Pier, looking back across the beach towards the Wonder Wheel and other rides...

click on image for more detail...


  1. Yay! welcome back Miss B.
    You & Caleb sound like you had a great night. Is driving the easiest way to get to Coney Island from Farmingdale? I know some teenagers that I'd like to take there.

  2. Yeah - southern state to the belt to...hmm, I get off at cropsey ave, but I'm coming from further west in brooklyn. I know there's a Coney Island Ave...seems like that should get you there? Anyway, you can see the parachute ride thing from the Belt, so any exit you get off once you can see it, then you just drive towards it :-)