Sunday, April 18, 2010

air supply

I'm a b-a-a-a-a-d blogger  :-(  I keep forgetting to jot down where the heck I am when I take photos! I do a lot of random driving around looking for "where I will live next," and am not really clear on the borders between some areas. If I believed CraigsList apartment postings, I would *never* know where I was! Williambsurg, East Williamsburg, Bushwick/East Williamsburg?? Anything they can do to put Williamsburg in the location name! I need to find a map with *firm* boundaries w street names. In the meantime, forgive my CraigsList-like locations...because I really *don't* know when I've crossed from W'burg to B'wick (or other places. Basically, I NEVER know where I am anymore!).

So, here is a cool wall mural in mumblemumbleWilliamsburgorBushwickmumblemumble all about Asthma! I love how it appears many different artists worked on it yet it's such a cohesive overall picture.

click on image for more detail

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  1. Then we have something in common (besides blogging)! I too forget to write things down when I take a picture of it. Then I spend countless hours looking for some half remembered name on the internet so I can write about it! Cool mural.