Friday, April 16, 2010

green thumb

I love coming across little community gardens all around Brooklyn...they're a delight to find in the midst of so much concrete. Most I've seen recently have been busy and I was a little disappointed to see this one earlier this evening in (on?) Coney Island. I hope the residents spring into action soon and take advantage of the upcoming growing season and fix up this garden...because there's an opportunity here to have a really lovely space in the midst of...a not very pretty area.


  1. In the top pic it looks like they've got romaine lettuce and either broccoli or cauliflower growing, and there's a hose and a rain barrel. Someone's doing something.

  2. yeah, it all looked a little "last year." I shot the most active part of the garden for at least a picture of *something*! I hope they do more than this! It's about the biggest community garden space I've seen, they could really do a lot with it.