Friday, April 2, 2010

botanical garden? not so much.

tonight we drove over to shore rd, to look for the Narrows Botanical Garden. We walked and walked and walked...made the hairpin turn right before the Verrazano Bridge...and walked some more. I THOUGHT the gardens were up at that end! I was SURE they were! We walked and walked. Past busses and empty lots and tennis courts and fallen trees and playgrounds and lawns. The closest thing I saw to a "garden" was these little clumps of daffodils on a hillside.

not EXACTLY the stuff that botanical gardens are made of  :-(  We kep walking...down, down down....seemed so nice...til I realized D'OH!!! EVENTUALLY we're gonna have to go back UP! We finally got to this LONNNNNNNG staircase curving back up to Shore Rd. I will forever think of it as Heart Attack Hill. The whole way up I was realizing I have STILL not made myself an emergency ID card to carry around...and I was hoping Caleb was clever enough that when I collapsed, clutching my chest, he would know to get the cell phone out of my back pocket and call 911.

Fortunately it didn't come to that. But I got to the top and realized I should have taken a picture of the staircase from the bottom...but there was No Way I was going back down for a picture - just to come back UP again. Sorry, I love taking pictures, but I'm not dying for my art. Not today.

PS - when I got home I looked up the Narrows Botanical Garden, and I was TOTALLY in the wrong spot! I'll save that for another day.


  1. The picture you did take is awfully pretty. Would like to see the stairs some day, though. I thought maybe you were just on the wrong side of the gardens. They can hide in plain sight sometimes.

  2. Thanks, Wanda. Yeah, I like the picture. Just, I was looking for...pretty pretty springtime, and what I found was more creepy danger garden :-)

  3. That would make a great house -all perched up there like that. Wonder what the view is like?

  4. The Narrows Botanical Garden is beautiful, and all-volunteer. Hope you make it back!

    They'll have a Plant Sale on Saturday, May 1.

  5. Gardens come and gardens go but the awesome stairway WOULD have been a great shot. MB

  6. Carol: the view is priceless - looks at the Verrazano Bridge and the (whatever the water is called under the bridge, someone help a new brooklyner here!) water.

    Xris: Now that I've looked it up and know roughly what streets the Garden is at, I'll deg make it back!

    Small City: will make a point of shooting the long stairway...there was also a crazy STEEP stairway that made me feel lightheaded just standing at the top - I was afraid to walk down (dog in one hand, camera in the other) so found a less precarious route. will get a shot of that one, too...and try to fgiure out how to really portray the steepness...

  7. ha. They should work on their signage!!

    so glad you did manage to find the place. I haven't heard of it before. Now I know.

  8. You're so kind to brave heart attack hill for us! The daffodils are lovely. Can't wait to see the *real* gardens.