Sunday, March 7, 2010

the grass needs a rest

Caleb and I had a lovely afternoon at Prospect Park today. The hills were definitely alive with the sound of springtime...tons of families and dog walkers and kids chasing balloons....and some defiant soccer teams practicing!


  1. I love how the action is blurred
    I guess those soccer players just couldn't wait

  2. ah we were there Sunday, too!!

    It was warm, and without fencing people simply disregard the signs. Grass is pretty resilient, though. I'm sure it will be all filled in pretty quickly.

  3. Kitty, that's So Funny, cuz as I was there, seeing all the people walking their dogs, I was thinking, if I see a handsome little Boston Terrier, would I ask, "Are you Kitty?" Ha. But really, what are the odds...and I didn't see any BTs anyway.

    Do you ever go early in the morning when they allow dogs off-leash in areas?

  4. I love this shot Bettye! & what a polite sign.