Monday, April 12, 2010

lost...but on my way

I feel like that could sorta be the title for my life right now...

My daughter and I had breakfast Saturday at Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop in DUMBO. They don't really have breakfast food. It didn't matter. We had thick rich hot chocolates (she classic, and me wicked, w chili pepper, yum) and some kind of sticky bun thing. Then we walked down Water St to Brooklyn Bridge Park. There was one of those...gosh, I don't know what they're called, but they put them up when they're doing construction on buildings, like a hallway, sort of. Anyway, all along the building inside the "hallway" was interesting graffiti. I enjoy graffiti. You know, the arty kind. Not so much the "destructive w no apparent message or purpose" kind.

I don't know if these items go together - the warrior girl and the "lost" message...but I like them together.


  1. I like this grafiti too. And the message.

  2. the warrior girl came later.

    glad you liked it