Monday, April 19, 2010

the best of intentions

I had planned to go to Brooklyn Botanic Garden this Sunday to admire and photograph the cherry trees in full bloom...but I had an attack of conscience and decided that since I'd had a "play" day Saturday, I really should stick around the apartment and catch up on some work and cleaning. Sigh.

So, in lieu of carefully manicured and tended "park" trees, you're getting a Mermaid Ave, Coney Island street tree. Still a lovely display...and maybe even a little more appreciated than the "kept" trees.

The Good News is I finally sat down and forced myself to complete the financial aid forms for my daughter's college...and a bunch of other stuff that's been piling up (like dirty dishes!). I guess all's well that ends well, and hopefully next weekend I'll get to BBG and the showers we're expecting this week will not have knocked all the blossoms to the ground.

click on image for more detail