Thursday, December 31, 2009

what will the new year bring for you?

I fully-well intended to walk the dog to dog park this morning. for those that know me, making that 300-mile walk is A Big Deal for me. I am NOT a walker. But I have been without a car for 9, NINE, that's 2-days-more-than-a-week, 9 days. Nine. And the on-leash walks around a couple blocks just doesn't cut it for a 5½-year-old Australian Shepherd. He needs some OFF-leash time. Not just for the exercise factor, but for his mental health. So he can run, and go in the direction HE wants to go, and sniff what HE wants to sniff, pee on what HE wants to pee on. Dogs need a little freedom like that.

Well, anyway, I had no idea when we set foot out of the apartment this morning to make the long journey to dog park, that we would be walking, instead, into freaking WINTER WONDERLAND. The snow was coming down so hard it was literally choking me. Well, a couple flakes blew into my mouth as I walked (gasping for breath) and made me cough. But still.

Anyway. Given the weather, we didn't head for the park, but instead for a playground a couple blocks away...and fortunately the visibility was so poor that I figured we were safe with him off-lead, if we stayed walking around the outer perimeter, which is lower than the track and athletic field in the middle. He was able to get a couple good gallops in, and between that and the slight uphill walk back home, I think he's good.

In the meantime, I didn't take the real camera as it was too wet out, but I snapped a couple snowy shots with the cell phone, so excuse the poor quality.

What do you think the new year holds for you???

3rd Ave., Bay Ridge


  1. That's with your cell phone?? WOW! And I think the picture and caption rock!

  2. Thanks, Betty(no e). Well, it's with my cell phone and a little post-production once I got it back to the computer. It was pretty dim straight out of the camera.

  3. Hee! I really like this one. Did you go inside to see what 2010 holds for you?

    Happy new year!!

  4. Oooh I love the photo of Caleb. He looks so sweet.
    It seems as if your car breaking down is forcing you to walk. Don't you hate that?