Sunday, December 27, 2009

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I think I was spoiled spending so much time growing up in Los Angeles - the newstands are amazing - like the best Borders/Barnes&Noble magazine section, all outside! Local and international magazines, every title imaginable.

I was a horse-crazy youngster then and was thrilled that I could browse The Quarter Horse Journal, The Chronicle of the Horse, The Arabian Horse Somethingorother, Practical Horseman, and many more, all in one spot! I'd never seen anything like that on Long Island. Now my magazine interests are fashion, photography, decorating, gardening, with an occasional dabble in crafts/DIY.

What's the best magazine source you've seen in Brooklyn?

9th St & 5th Ave, Park Slope

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  1. I like The Economist myself, but I usually read the online version these days.

  2. Welcome to the CDPB community. I have always wanted to know more about your part of NYC. It looms large in literature and television.

    I hope you have a nice New Year celebration and that I get to know more about your neighbourood throughout 2010.