Thursday, December 3, 2009

feeling blue??

caleb and I went out for a wander this evening and ended up blocks and blocks away from home! trust me, I am *not* a walker, so for *me* to get so far from home without realizing it, you KNOW I am captivated by what I see!

mad lights. mad. this is bay ridge.


  1. how much fun you must be having exploring such new & interesting surroundings!
    I bet Caleb loves it too.
    These lights are pretty cool.

  2. ha, I have to say, some of the taste in Bay Ridge is questionable but I love it. There are parts of Fifth Avenue that are so charming.

    Mark loves the bakery Leske's, around 77th Street.

  3. I do love Fifth Ave...especially up in Park Slope...was just up there for tonight's picture! Will have to pay Leske's a visit...when I'm on a diet break!