Saturday, December 26, 2009

the party's over

Christmas is over for another was rainy, windy, and grey - my favorite kind of day for staying inside and working on indoor projects. I spent a couple hours re-organizing the bedroom and closet - when I first moved in here, I unpacked quickly and just stuck stuff anywhere to get the boxes out. And while I was productive, after 4 days without a car, I'm starting to feel a little trapped! I know people live in the city all their lives and never have a car, but they know how to do that! I'm clueless about the subways! One of my goals for this vacation week is to get on the subway and go into the city...just to get my feet wet. In the meantime, in the rain and small apartment, I'm feeling a little like a prisoner in my own home....not unlike this glittery guy behind bars...

1 comment:

  1. I like the glow of the light.

    If you're in Bay Ridge, you take the R train on 4th Avenue. You can change at Atlantic/Pacific for any number of express trains, like the D or N.

    It's a bit different in Brooklyn, where there are fewer distractions and more parking spaces. When you're in Manhattan you certainly feel the need for a car much less. There's just more going on.