Thursday, March 4, 2010

As you know, 5 months ago I moved from Islip (Suffolk County), Long Island to Brooklyn. Where in Brooklyn exactly? Uh, The Belt Parkway. 

That's definitely what it feels like lately. The traffic ebbs and flows...and we're definitely in a high tide my afternoon commute has gone from an hour-fifteen to two or more hours OUCH. Sometimes there's bad weather, or an accident, and then I get it. But on a clear dry day?? Then it's personal. Then it's the 12,000 other people traveling west on the Belt Parkway between 4:30 and 7:30 pm PURPOSELY getting in my way. I don't know what I did to them, but it must have been pretty bad. You think if I gave them each a Starbucks gift card they'd GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY?????


  1. I'd hate to do that every day! My "rush hour" is the school run on country roads with hardly any traffic - perhaps a few tractors to slow us down - and takes all of 15 minutes.


  2. ugh.
    I agree with you, traffic can just be so terrible sometimes. The BQE can be awful!

  3. I used to drive from Bensonhurst to Midtown every day
    I know what you mean!!

    fantastic shot, the perspective is wonderful

  4. They are probably all talking on their cell phones or texting.

  5. I think I would take it personal too.
    Is there any way you can take a train?
    - or maybe get some books on CD from the library to make it more bearable.
    Hopefully the tide will turn quickly!

  6. Halcyon! Gasp! Whoever would DO such a thing?!? Ha.

    Bettye. who took 97 pictures w her cell phone that day, to send to the people already at work...

    Lily: Bay Ridge Brooklyn to Commack is really not a route that mass transit was designed for. I'd have to take the train to the plane (take the train to the plane!) ending up in a taxi ride from Deer Park to my office in Commack. Two Plus Hours. No, I'll just hold on til the traffic flow adjusts YET again. I can't wait til summer when I've been PROMISED that traffic is the lightest of the whole year.

  7. Is there anyone you can commute with so you can trade off the driving and read or knit or something while your not driving?

    Wow, I'd be so stressed and mad by the time I made it to work I'd be worthless.