Monday, January 11, 2010

houseboat? no, boat house

I see the top of this house from the Belt Parkway every morning on my way to looks like a ship, complete with masts and portholes...I found it from street level yesterday when my daughter and I were trying to go to Loehmann's in Sheepshead Bay (which was, incidentally, "closed for emergency," which seemed weird, but whatever). I was finally going to have some time to drive around picture-hunting...took the picture of the house, turned the corner....then my car started banging, so we headed slowly home  :-( 

$800 estimate later, I am home today with my car in the shop getting a new exhaust system. sigh. it's always something, right??

I don't think you quite get the "boat-ness" of it from street level, but...


  1. Looks like an interesting place to live!

  2. Hey MissB,

    I constantly refer to that as the ugliest condo in Sheepshead Bay. It's got a shady history, too. They've been working on it for more than two years (you'd think they'd produce something good in that time), but keep halting because of bad developers. On our news site we hope to have a list soon of the top 5 ugliest condos in Sheepshead Bay. This will be up there.

    Regarding Loehmanns - they closed after a fire following Thanksgiving. They said they'd reopen after Black Friday weekend. Someone told me a week ago that they still hadn't, but I thought that was impossible. Now that I hear it twice, I'll be heading there tomorrow to find out the story.


    Ned Berke

  3. Ned, very interesting! Can't wait to see the other four contenders!

  4. I hear Loehmann's is opening February 6th. Rumor has it they sustained a lot of smoke damage and had to clear everything out. Not good for them but I can't wait to shop all that brand new inventory that I hear they are bringing in for their grand re-opening!

  5. It reminds me of avantgarde European architecture.